About us

About us

About us

BELL PAK PATENT, established in 1994, is an intellectual property law firm in Seoul, South Korea.

In recent years, the IP industry in Asia has been expanding rapidly. In fact, Asia has been the fastest growing region of the world in terms of IP applications. Collectively, the countries of Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan now lead the world in terms of IP export and import. While this globalization of IP exchange provides many unique opportunities, it also creates unique challenges. In particular, applicants who seek IP protection in Asia are burdened with filing multiple applications in multiple languages. Furthermore, amendments, responses to OA's, and other issues are difficult for Western companies and firms to manage because of the language, cultural and distance barriers.

We would like to help you apply for IP protection in Asia. We have considerable experience in the IP industry and have extensive networks throughout Asia. Application for IP protection in multiple countries in Asia can be an expensive and complex process that is daunting for many Western companies and firms. We can save you time and money by managing your IP applications for you. By using our original system, United Translations and Applications, you can provide the IP application information once to us and then we will take care of the multiple country-specific translations, application procedures, amendments, responses to OA's, etc. in consultation with you.

Our firm is comprised of:
 Patent attorneys with respective specialties in:
☞ Electronics/Computer technology
- Semiconductor, display devices
- Telecommunications systems
- Computing, Network & Internetworking devices and systems
- Software-related processes and Business methods
☞ Mechanics/Materials
- Transportation equipment, including engines and automotive equipment
- Precision parts and instruments
- Mechanical tools
- Textile machinery
- Electronic materials
☞ Chemistry/Biotechnology
- Biomedical
- Food and beverage
- Green technologies
 Technical assistants
 Various English, Japanese, Chinese native speaker staff members
 Administrative support staff

Our mission
 Provide high quality translations without mistranslations or extra fees
 Provide application assistance to make the application process as easy as possible for you
 Provide precise and timely comments on your case

If you have questions or would like more information about us, please contact us.